About Us

Hidrotim Test & Laboratory Equipments team manufactures equipment of advanced technology meeting the customer needs without compromising on quality and in accordance with the standards on the subject of test equipment with its long-established experience and extensive knowledge, and it offers products to provide the quality control inspection & continuity

It provides the establishments of mining, defence industry, universities and R&D focused industries in particular with solution partnership in accordance with the latest technological developments, thanks to its strong and solid infrastructure. 

Our product range is as following;

  • 2000 Bar Cold Isostatic Presses For The Ceramic, Carbon, Plastics,
    and Powder Metals Industries 
  • Engine Repairing Benches For Helicopter Engines
  • Tool Test Hydraulic Equipments for Helicopters
  • Custom Designed Laboratory Test Equipments
  • Sintering Presses

Our Vision

"Being an international systems integrator in engineering, hydraulic and technology areas, having cutting edge technology intensive products and solutions."


Our Mission

"Developing high performance, high quality, cost effective and reliable solutions as well as leading technological transformation in order to reach advanced technological levels."